Steamed Egg Cake (Kueh Neng Ko)

6 eggs
10 oz (315 gm) sugar
2 1/2 tbs  water
6 oz (185 gm) plain flour
1 tsp  baking powder
1 tsp  vanilla essense

METHOD (using Kitchen Aid)

  1. Separate egg yolks from whites.
  2. Beat egg whites till stiff peaks and set aside.
  3. Beat egg yolks with sugar. Add in water. Beat until light and fluffy.
  4. Add baking powder and sifted flour to egg yolk mixture. Mix well.
  5. Add in vanilla essence and mix well.
  6. Fold egg white into batter.
  7. Pour batter into cake tins.
  8. Steam at  95°C to 100°  for 20 – 30 mins.
  9. Leave it to cool or serve warm.

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