Longan Jelly

(Recipe courtesy of a friend, Ms. Leong)


2L water

300gms sugar

2 pandan leaves

12.5 gm Agar-agar powder

390gm Evaporated milk

1L Soya Bean milk (less sweet)


1. Boil 2L water, 1L soya bean milk with pandan leaves.

2. Add in sugar and stir until dissolve.

3. Add in agar-agar powder and stir until dissolve.

4. Add in evaporated milk and stir. Let is simmer gently then remove from heat.

5. Leave it to cool slightly before pouring it into serving cups/bowls/disposable cups with cover. (Depends on the occasion)

6. Leave it to cool and harden.

7. Once harden, place 2 logans and 1 tbs of logan syrup (from the tin). You may even it out depending on how many cups/bowls you made.

8. Leave it in refrigerator to chill. Serve cold.

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