BBQ Pork Belly (Char Siew) – Fast & Easy

Serve : 4 pax Cooking Time : 2 hour


500gms     Pork Belly 
1 tbsp        Black Sauce 
1 tsp          Sugar 
1 tsp          Oyster Sauce 
1 tsp          Soya sauce 
1 tbsp       Maltose 250gms    
Water enough to cover pork


  1. Marinate pork belly strip with soya sauce, black sauce, oyster sauce and sugar for 30mins. If you don’t have time to marinate, no problem.
  2. In a pot, put the pork belly together with all the marinate ingredients.
  3. Add in water and boil.
  4. When boil, add in maltose.
  5. Stir to ensure maltose is dissolved.
  6. Simmer in low heat turning the pork strip occasionally to ensure all sides are coated with the sauce.
  7. Simmer for at least 2 hour or until the sauce thickens.
500 gms of pork belly.
Add black sauce, sugar, salt and oyster sauce except maltose.
Add in 250gms water and let it simmer
Add in maltose. Ensure that maltose is all dissolved.
Simmer until all the gravy thickens coating pork from time to time.