Fish Curry (Indian Style)

Preparation : 20 mins
Cooking Time : 30mins
Serve : 4 to 6 pax
Recipe : By Mama KebayaKitchen


300 gms Tenggiri / Senangin Fish
1/2 bowl shallots - cut strips
3 pip garlic - cut strip
2 stalk curry leaves
1 inch ginger
2 tsp biji halba (yellow) fenugreek
I tsp biji sawi
3 tbsp fish curry powder ( sakthy)/Burung
2 tbsp tamarind mix 3/4 cup water
100 ml santan
6 to 8 pcs of ladys finger
1 tsp  salt
2 tsp  sugar


  1. In low fire, fry lady’s finger without oil until dark green and rub with a pinch of salt to get rid of stickiness.
  2. Fry fish slightly in oil. Remove and set aside.
  3. Heat oil and fry biji sawi and fenugreek seed until fragrant.
  4. Add sliced onions, garlic & ginger.
  5. Add curry leaves and fry till fragrant.
  6. Add curry powder & fry, it it is too dry add in oil(quite a lot). fry until mixture is well coated and fragrant.
  7. Transfer to glass pot (not aluminium as tamarind will cause pan to have holes – this is what they claim)
  8. Sieve tamarind water into the pot and stir.
  9. Add in ladys finger and boil.
  10. Add in salt & sugar and taste. Add more if need.
  11. Lastly, add in fish and santan and boil.
  12. Leave it to rest until time to serve. Serve it hot.

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