Grandma’s Ayam Pongteh

There are so many versions of Pongteh be it chicken or pork. This is how my grandmother does it and it is one of our staples during Chinese New Year. Enjoy!


1/2 Chicken
250gm pork shoulder (optional)

100gm red onion
80gm garlic
3 potatoes (cubed)
1/2 turnip (sliced) – optional
500ml water
1 tbsp sugar
2 tsp salt
3 tbsp Dark Soy Sauce (Brand: Cheong Chan)
3 tbsp to 4tbs (80gm) Taucu (Bean Paste , Brand: Angel Brand)


1. Blend onion and garlic until fine.

2. ‎Fry mixture till fragrant.

3. ‎Add in taucu and mix well.

4. ‎Add in chicken and pork and mix well.

5. ‎Add in water, black sauce and sugar.

6. ‎Add turnip then potatoes and leave it to boil.

7. ‎Once boil, lower fire and let it simmer for at least 20 minutes and until chicken and pork are thoroughly cooked. Off fire and set aside. Heat up before serving.

8. ‎Best served a few hours later or overnight.

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