Onion Chutney (in Tarragon red wine and balsamic vinegar reduction)

6 large red onion
110gm brown sugar
120ml Tarragon Red Wine vinegar (use normal red wine vinegar is also fine)
60ml Balsamic vinegar
30gm Butter
1tbs Olive oil
1tsp Kosher salt
1 tsp Ground pepper

  1. Slice onion into thin slices.
  2. In a pot with lid, melt butter and oil.
  3. Add all the sliced onion and mix well to ensure the bottom of the pot does not burn.
  4. Add salt & pepper and mix well for another 5 minutes before lowering the fire and lid the pot.
  5. Leave it to simmer for a total of 30 minutes stirring occasionally to ensure the onions do not burn at the bottom of the pot.
  6. Once the onion is soft and has darkened, add in sugar a d mix well. Then, add the red wine vinegar and balsamic vinegar.
  7. Leave the lid open and increase the fire to medium and stir occasionally.
  8. Once the onions caramelized to a dark consistency and the liquid has reduced, switch off the fire and leave it to cool.
  9. Chutney can be kept for several weeks in the fridge. You can have it hot or cold.

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